In the Japanese martial arts, "bunkai" literally meaning "analysis" or "disassembly" and refers to the process of studying and extracting applicable fighting techniques from kata movements; "jutsu" refers to a collection of techniques, methods, skills or technical applications in a practical or scientific sense; "do" refers to the “way” or “path” to be followed as a lifestyle.

The intention of this experimental title is to summarize the way in which I will express myself in a collection of posts which disassemble, analyze, and understand the many segments of my life.  As such, I have decided to organize my thoughts here in the Blogger-sphere once again.

It's been quite a while since my last post and then the last post of any kind of value prior to that.  Work was being done and life was being lived.  I am now at a point in my life where it feels like it makes sense to take advantage of this wonderful technology to store and share various points of interest.

If this proves to be a useful tactic which I should choose to continue, there will be a number of changes in site design to come in future days.  Expect that things will be a bit volatile for the time being.

I make no guarantees regarding the proof-reading and regularity of timing in my posts.  Nor do I intend to filter my thoughts in a politically correct manor for nothing more than the sake of political correctness.  This doesn't mean that my post will be a deluge of vulgar language and prejudicial offenses.  It also does not mean that every post will be appropriate for elementary-aged children or those overly thin-skinned and closed-minded.

The first change of note is that, this time around, I've decided to silo my thoughts into three distinct categories of thought/being: Mind, Body, and Soul/Spirit.
Mind:  This portion of the site will be reserved for topics largely, but not solely, related to my day job as a computer systems consultant.  This may include topics ranging from personal home computing and video games to enterprise server and storage solutions.
Body:  This portion of the site will be reserved for topics related to my ever-changing pursuits in physically improving my human condition.  This may include topics ranging from dietary experiments and observations and at-home exercise routines to the advancement of my studies in the Martial Arts.
Soul:  This portion of the site will be reserved for topics related to meditation, philosophy, religion, and general soul-searching contemplation which may entail numerous rhetorical questions with no answers.
Many sciences proclaim that the Triangle is the strongest, most stable geometric shape.  One could argue that the trilogy of Mind, Body, and Soul are the cornerstones which make up the human condition.  Does everything in life fit into one of these three hierarchies?

This blog may (and may not) answer those questions for me as I attempt to catalog my posts.  I do not plan to force my posts into one category or another and fully expect that most will crossover into more than one.  My hypothesis in this experiment is that this methodology of posting will shine light on less-than-obvious synergies between the categories.

Only time will tell.  Will you join me for the journey?