Kosei-Ryu Bu-Jutsu

Sensei Norman Beck of Zen Bu Kai Martial Arts, founder of the Kosei-ryu Bu-jutsu training method, has developed a journey that not only introduces the students to a diverse range of systems and techniques but also requires of his students that progression is made in multiple systems while following a guided path of discovery and self-examination.

Kosei-ryu Bu-jutsu translates roughly to "system of traditional martial arts taught with a focus on the individual student" and as such it has been designed to follow a unique teaching and ranking process.  The system is comprised of four different Martial Arts disciplines and is designed, in the lower ranks, to expose students to each in order increase their ability to defend themselves and to determine which discipline best compliments their physical abilities, mindset, individual preference and personal philosophy.  Kosei-ryu Bu-jutsu is not a game; it is not a sport; it is not a commercial system churning out dozens of high-paying black belt ranks each year.  The primary goal of the Kosei-ryu Bu-jutsu system is to train complete martial artists.

White Yellow Orange Green Brown Black

Whether it be Okinawan KarateKung Fu, Yoshin-Ryu JujutsuKobudo and/or Kenjutsu; each student will follow an individualized path from White to Yellow to Orange to Green to Brown to Black belt ranks.

Beginning martial arts students almost always begin with a White Belt.  It is their clean slate; a blank page to begin writing their story.  Each martial arts system has a different view of what it takes to make the journey from an empty page to a full page; the Black Belt.

In general, the white belt signifies that a student has accumulated little to no basic knowledge of the system they have chosen to train in; they are a blank page to write on.  The black belt, on the other hand, acknowledges that the student has learned all of the fundamental techniques required to begin the transition from being a student to becoming a complete warrior.

We all have to start somewhere.  We all have to walk those thousand miles... one step at a time.

Begin your journey with an in-depth look at The Five Ways of Kosei-Ryu.

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